Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fingers Crossed

Yesterday was IUI #.......I'm losing track. 

At least it was a comical visit.  We arrive and the receptionist on Saturdays is not the usual receptionist.  And she is in a hoodie.  And complaining like crazy because she can't log into the computer.  I couldn't tell who she was yelling to, I think it was someone around the corner at another desk.  I give her my name and she looks me up and said.....

Lady- Great, I was able to find you on this list but I have no idea what you're here for.
Me- We're here for an IUI.
Lady- Ok, I'll take your word since our computers are down.  There's a question mark next to your insurance information, do you know why?
Me- Nope.  My insurance info is the same as when I was last in here.
Lady- Ummm, ok.  Do you have a copay?
Me- Nope.
Lady- Ok, I wouldn't know anyway because our system isn't coming up.  Plus I couldn't get you a reciept either because that isn't working today too.

Tim and I go sit in the waiting room and I don't know if its because its 7:30AM or that I've been up since 6AM, but I crack up laughing.  The receptionist continues to complain, breaks for when other patients come in, and then complain again.  "She said the only thing different would be the log in screen, but I can't even get to it.  I don't know what I'm doing or what these people are here for."  Good thing the doctors and nurses understand that all you have to do is pull our chart and voila, its all in there. 

Later the doctor comes in and has a resident with her.  First time I've had a resident joining in on the fun.  The resident looked so nervous, and going through everything with me really slow.  Again, I wanted to crack up laughing but held it in till they left the room.  At least Tim thought it was funny too.

Now for the dreaded two week wait. 

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