Thursday, March 25, 2010

Almost Missed It!

So I thought I had almost missed it again this month!  I took my clomid as usual and then start tracking for ovulation around day 11 since typical ovulation is around day 14.  I was nervous because we were in Connecticut for a little bit and I didn't want to be out of town and ovulate.......I'm already thinking that I think about ovulating too much.  But hence is the life. 

Day 17 comes and still no "o"!!!  I called the Doctor and they wanted me to come in for an ultrasound to see if I had ovulated yet.  If I went through all this and missed another chance I would be so sad.  I was nervous that we had missed it and took all these drugs for a month of nothing.  I go in and then the  ultrasound showed............. two big follicles.  Yay! 

Afterwards I had realized that it would be pretty difficult to miss.  See, I pee on two sets of sticks a day!  Talk about talent!  The higher dose of clomid can sometimes trick my nice ClearBlue Easy monitor, so I also have to use a second set.  Bet you never knew anyone who can pee on two sticks at once. 

I'm glad that we didn't miss it.

I did get to do shots again.  Because it was day 17 and I hadn't ovulated they gave me a dose of Ovidrel.  It was kinda funny as the nurse/doctor was explaining how to administer it.  Shoot up in the lower abdomen, blah blah blah.  In my head, I kept thinking that these instructions are for amateurs, I got this.  And I've still got it.  Injected and didn't even bruise!

Yesterday we went in for our last IUI!!!!!  Yay!!!!  Yay if it works and we're on to the next phase.  Yay if it doesn't work and we're on to the next phase.  At least we'll be moving in a new direction.  (Hopefully not IVF.  I did a little research online and it does not sound like a good time.  For me anyway, Tims routine will stay the same.  We're chatting with Dr. Odem about next steps/IVF on April 6.  More to follow.....  )

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last Call

Talked to the Doctor and he said this will be our final IUI.  If it doesn't work, then we'll move on to other options.  He wants to see us at a "talk meeting" to discuss further testing and procedure options.  Too bad his office is so far.  I did ask if, since Tim and I are on the same page regarding preferred next steps, if Tim could just meet with him and bring the info back to me.  Tim only works 2 floors beneath the Drs office.  But nope, I'm technically the patient so I need to be present. 

It should be interesting to find out something new and see what our next steps will be.  I did place a call to my insurance and we're still looking good regarding our max limit.  Which is a blessing!  Especially since I know of a lot of people who don't even get as far as Tim and I because of poor insurance. 

Until then, Tim and I are enjoying the fun of not having a newborn around.  Random trips to the store at odd times.  We made a Dairy Queen run really late the other night!  Being caught up on our movies at the theatre and renting and tivo.  Going on trips....Conneticut is just 4 days away.  Getting caught late at work and not having to worry about picking someone up at a sitter.  Plus the lovely glass of wine....or a margarita....or a beer...  Until then.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nope, Not Our Time

We must have a different lucky number.  Everything was looking good to go this time, it makes me wonder what we're missing.  What piece to the puzzle have we not looked at yet?  Maybe there are more tests to run?

We'll find out soon, I'll talk to the Dr on Monday and get the 411.  Remind him that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.