Sunday, February 27, 2011

Picture Update!

Here I am...almost 39 weeks along!
Man oh man, do I look tired!

Our nursery is all together and just waiting for Baby Boy to make his debut!

His crib with all the bedding done.  Changing table filled with diapers and ready to go.

The dresser is all filled and the diaper bag sitting on the floor ready to go.

Clothes are all washed and hung and ready to go.
I have my Plan A and Plan B for Will's coming home outfits.
Plan A is the "Worth the Wait" onesie.  I love it to death and sums up our whole experience!  But the smallest size it comes in is 3-6 months.  Granted, Will is tracking to be a chubby baby, but I don't think he'll be that big!  So Plan B is his personalized onesie with a little sweater in 0-3 month size.  It has a matching hat too!

We're pretty much all ready to go.  Laundry is all caught up.  House is still clean.  I got a mani/pedi since I can't reach my own feet very easy!  Now I just need to get the car seat inspected and my hospital bag packed.  Then we'll be 100% ready.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

38 Weeks and Counting!

How Far Along?  38 short weeks and 2 long weeks to go

Weight Gain? I'm keeping myself honest because there isn't going to be another time where I'm going to gain this amount.  Plus, the pounds aren't going to stay around either :)  Up a total of 45 lbs.

Stretch Marks?  Knock on wood...none yet.  Surprising as big as my belly is getting!

Maternity Clothes?  95% are maternity.  I've still got my yoga pants and a few tops that were initially designed to be baggy, but still look cute as a maternity top.  I did have to go and get bigger bras this week.  :) Maybe that's where my 45lbs are going :)

Symptoms?  Some swelling in feet and hands.  Still congested and blowing my nose more than ever in my life.  Sleep and me are not being best friends right now.  And I'm super hot, all the time.  A couple weeks ago, it was in the teens outside (bitter cold) and I was perfect in my short sleeve, short dress.  Crazy!

Movement?  He's still in there and kicking.  I can tell he's smushed and that he doesn't like it.  At some points, his elbows and knees are flying and the poor lil guy must be frustrated.

Sleep?  I have some good nights and some awful nights.  For example, two night ago I went to sleep at 9:30pm and woke at midnight.  I never did get back to sleep!  Good nights are when I can go 3 hrs inbetween bathroom trips!

Best Moment of the Week?  Will caught Tim off guard and made him jump!  Usually, I'll let Tim know when he's kicking and he'll try to feel my belly.  But Will's favorite game with his Daddy is Hide & Go Seek!  So Tim wasn't paying attention and had kept his hand on my belly after Will stopped moving.  A while later Will decided it was time to act out again and kicked really hard.  Tim's hand jumped off my belly and Tim jumped and was so surprised since he never gets to feel the first kicks.

What I Miss?  Right now, my appetite.  Nothing sounds good to me right now.

What I'm Looking Forward To?  Contractions!  I can't wait for him to come and meet us!

Doctors Appointments?  Yesterday we had our weekly meeting.  No progress since last week.  Still 1cm dilated.  He told us to start thinking for what we want to do for when we (most likely) go over our due date.  So that'll be a fun conversation at the Drs office next Tuesday!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello Computer

Hello, Hello.  It has been awhile.  I haven't been on my actual computer in a long time.  I can check some things from my cell, but it's easier to respond if I'm on an actual computer. 

I would definitely say the last 7-10 days have been my induction into the "uncomfortable" phase of pregnancy.  I'm lucky that I'm one that just has the last 3 weeks to get through while being uncomfortable.  But with that said, is why I've been so absent on here and  After working 9+ hour days, adding in a 40 min commute each way, I get home exhausted.  Plus my poor hands and feet are sure feeling the added pressure on all my veins.  Blood flow isn't what it used to be, therefore swelling is definitely happening.  Just enough swelling to be uncomfortable, but not nearly as bad and some of my family and friends have had to experience.  So I just come home, lay down, and get my feet up for the remainder of my night.  It's pretty hard to work on my laptop while laying sideways with my feet elevated and a little boys feet still waging war with my ribs.  So finally this morning, I thought I would give it a go.

Alright, done whining.

Over the past week, we've gotten a lot of the last minute to-do things done.  Car seats are in!  Now if the State Patrol will call me back so I can schedule a safety check with them.  A lot of the places schedule their safety checks for stay at home mom schedules.  So hopefully this option will work.  The nursery is all organized and things put away.  Crib and PackNPlay sheets are washed and on.  Baby Will's laundry is all caught up.  Diaper bag was delivered and it is packed!  Its cute, but not too cute to where Tim will be embarrassed to carry it.
We've got our take home outfits for Baby Will.  My Type A personality has come out and I've got outfit A and outfit B.  My first choice is the "Definitely Worth the Wait" onesie but it's sized at 3-6 months.....which he may fit into and not look like he's swimming :)  My second choice is this cute blue sweater and hat combo that is sized 0-3 months.  So we'll see what he fits into :)
So now, we're just playing the waiting game.  Which I am no good at.  God didn't give me a lot of patience when I was born.  And I didn't learn why or how much I needed patience till later on....that whole infertility process helped with that lesson.  Then not having an ultrasound for over 4 months solidified that lesson.  (All the IF ladies know what I'm talking about.  4 months is crazy long!)  I didn't ask the Doc once about sneaking an extra in.  But now, my "baby brain" must have ate my patience lessons because I've lapsed in my patience progression.  I want to meet him now!!!  I've ate two whole pineapples and have my third chillin in the fridge.  I've had spicy food for every meal for the past 3 days.  And later today I'm cleaning all the floors....come on Will!

So now I'm back in the swing of things...alive and well...and waiting.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm 36 weeks...but he's not!

Yesterday we had our 36 week Dr's appointment!  The first of our now weekly appointments.  It's crazy to think that we are that far along.  I remember all my friends who would get to this point in their pregnancy and it seemed so far away for us, almost impossible at times.  Crazy that your body was doing so much that you had to see a doctor weekly.  But we're finally here.

Overall the appointment went great.  I am not a fan of sitting and waiting for 45 minutes for it to get started though!  Especially when its a 9:15am appointment and he hasn't even had time to get behind yet or start late due to a delivery!  Anywho...the highlight of the appointment was obviously the ultrasound.  We haven't seen our "little" guy in FOUR MONTHS!  Let me tell you, he looks lots different now!  Before you could see his whole body with space to spare in the ultrasound screen.  Now you can see his face and shoulders in the screen and that's it.  And his little face looks like he's got chubby cheeks...I'll post the ultrasound pics soon.

Will must not be a fan of ultrasounds because as soon as it started he got very squirmy.  Started kicking my ribs and making his presence known.  First the doc measured his head and that looked big to me but measured right on track at 36 weeks.  Then we saw his heartbeat.  His whole heart is a lot bigger now and you could actually see all four chambers of his heart.  That was so amazing!!!  Next up to be measured was his's measuring at 38 weeks!  Yikes, two weeks ahead.  We all had a laugh when I realized that calculation but I was glad it was his belly and not his head that was trending ahead of schedule.  Finally he measured his leg.  This was definitely the most entertaining part for me.  Will was still kicking up a storm and so it took the doc a little bit to be able to catch the leg in a still shot to measure it.  It was so cute seeing his legs and feet and toes flash all over the screen.  When he was finally able to measure it, he took two measurements to make sure he was close.  One was 39 weeks and the other was 41 weeks!!!  OMG!  Who is the crazy tall person in our genetics that I don't know about???  Even averaging them at 40 weeks (a whole month ahead!) is a lot.  We just laughed and I repeated my previous comment.  I would much rather have him come out tall, then his head be measuring a month ahead!  Now I also know why I get kicked so high up in my ribs, his poor legs are scrunched.

Once all those calculations are in, the ultrasound machine can give us its prediction for Will's weight.  Now Tim was a big baby, almost 10 pounds.  So my goal has been to have a baby under that mark...and we'll be close.  Will is currently estimated at 7 or 7 1/2 pounds.  Whew, that's a "healthy" boy!  I have friends that didn't even deliver that big of a baby!  And I have a whole month left to go!  Doc said he's thinking he'll be around 8 1/2 pounds at birth, but that's him being conservative too.  We shall see.  I'm still praying for anything under 10 pounds, and his head to not jump ahead on the growth curve.  And even though he's trending ahead of the growth schedule, does not mean he's going to come ahead of schedule.  I'm still feeling really good, so that's alright with me.....for now. :)

Will has also moved into the head-down position and "dropped."  When that happened I'm not entirely sure.  I've been reading about when the baby drops and how uncomfortable and almost painful it is.  I was not looking forward to that!  I had noticed that my trips to the bathroom had jumped up significantly, but I didn't feel like I was carrying him any different or that there was any excess pressure either.  So I'm kind of relieved that he's already dropped and this is what that feels like.  I think I can handle this for another month. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Mobile!!!

Although it seems there's a lot in life that doesn't come easy....this mobile has been a 4 year saga.  Tim put it best saying "this is our pregnancy saga."  I first saw it years ago and absolutely fell in love with it.  I knew if we had a little boy, this would the nursery theme.  Then we didn't get it because we didn't want to jinx it, then we got pregnant, then we were far enough along we felt safe enough to look for nursery items, then it was gone.  Then Larissa found it on E.bay!  Then we lost the bid at $255, then Tim negotiates with the seller and gets it at far less than the auction ended at, then today it finally comes to our door!

I guess good things come to those who wait.

ps- take a look at that awesome custom handmade baby blanket...oh yeah, its finally finished!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Famous 35 & 35

How Far Along?  35 weeks down and 35 days left to go

Weight Gain?  Up 38 pounds.  Better questions - Stretch Marks?  NO!!!  Ha Ha, take that.  Innie or Outie?  Definitely an outie, it's kinda fun.

Maternity Clothes?  For awhile I was thinking that I was wearing completely 100% maternity clothes, but then realized during the week that I'm still wearing some of my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I still wear a couple tops that still fit and cover my whole belly.  I'm still wearing my yoga pants and pajama pants that fit me 38 pounds ago. 

Symptoms?  So far I've had just a few "pregnancy symptoms" but nothing bad or signalling going into labor early.  I've had a little swelling.  Tim still swears he can't see it, but my rings don't fit.  My fingers don't look chubby, just can't keep my size 5 rings on anymore.  I've had the 3rd trimester insomnia.  Even though my belly is getting bigger, its not from being uncomfortable - just wake up wide eyed for about 3 hours.  I've had an itty bit of heartburn.  If I wait too long inbetween meals, I get just a smidge of it.  Just enough to be annoying, but not unbearable.  So I've been really lucky as far as the nightmare that some symptoms could have made these 9 months.

Movement?  He's still moving and grooving in there.  I can tell the poor guy is running out of room though.  He's not able to make big sweeping movements anymore, but he can still pack a punch!

Sleep?  I'm not getting as many hours in a night due to the insomnia, but I'm still fully functional during the day.  So maybe I don't need as many right now?  Still having multiple bathroom trips, but I usually can fall back asleep pretty easy.  So far so good on this front....because I hear the 3rd trimester can be pretty awful in this category.

Best Moment of the Week?  Well, I'm still going to saying discovering the Cubs mobile.  A great friend gave us the heads up that one was placed on E.bay.  Tim, who was still flying on his buyers high from us trying to finish off our registry items, tried to win the auction.  Thankfully, I think, we were outbid at $255!!!   How crazy is that?!?!  I was kind of disappointed that we still didn't have our mobile that started it all, but also kind of glad that we didn't purchase an insanely expensive mobile.  A day later, the seller on E.bay posted another mobile.  So I'm not sure if the seller had multiples, or if the original buyer didn't want to spend $255 on a mobile either.  That auction has days left on it, so we'll see how the story ends this time. 

What I Miss?  Having enough space in my abdomen for my ribs, lungs, stomach, etc.  I feel like I look goofy when I'm sitting because I'm trying to create an extra inch or two for the little guy.

What I'm Looking Forward To?  Our next ultrasound is at our Drs appointment next Monday.  We haven't seen him since October 4th.  I'm so excited to check in on him and make sure he's doing ok.

How Big is Baby?  Over 5 pounds according to our weekly emails.  But we'll find out for sure on Monday.