Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last Call

Talked to the Doctor and he said this will be our final IUI.  If it doesn't work, then we'll move on to other options.  He wants to see us at a "talk meeting" to discuss further testing and procedure options.  Too bad his office is so far.  I did ask if, since Tim and I are on the same page regarding preferred next steps, if Tim could just meet with him and bring the info back to me.  Tim only works 2 floors beneath the Drs office.  But nope, I'm technically the patient so I need to be present. 

It should be interesting to find out something new and see what our next steps will be.  I did place a call to my insurance and we're still looking good regarding our max limit.  Which is a blessing!  Especially since I know of a lot of people who don't even get as far as Tim and I because of poor insurance. 

Until then, Tim and I are enjoying the fun of not having a newborn around.  Random trips to the store at odd times.  We made a Dairy Queen run really late the other night!  Being caught up on our movies at the theatre and renting and tivo.  Going on trips....Conneticut is just 4 days away.  Getting caught late at work and not having to worry about picking someone up at a sitter.  Plus the lovely glass of wine....or a margarita....or a beer...  Until then.

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