Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lucky Number 23

How Far Along? 23 weeks
Weight Gain? 19 pounds!!! Hopefully it doesn't look like 19 pounds!

Maternity Clothes? Definitely running out of my normal clothes that fit...but I'm too picky with maternity clothes.  It's hard to find ones I like.

Symptoms? Nothing crazy...a lot less congested...get up once or twice during the night to use the bathroom...but that's it.  The only crazy symptom are my emotions.  Supposedly I take things very personally these days :)

Movement? Oh yeah!  And it's fabulous!!!  One weekend he kicked me ALL weekend long.  His usual playtime is between 2-4am.  Then this morning, my alarm was about to go off and there was a dance party happening in my belly!  I LOVE IT!

Sleep? Still good!

Food Cravings? Sweets, but I've always liked sweets.

Best Moment of the Week? Girls weekend!  My mom and sister flew out for our annual girls weekend.  I had a blast.  We got a lot of shopping in!  Plus a few great things for peanut!

Gender? Our specialists ultrasound reconfirmed....It's a BOY!

What I Miss? Having enough hours in the day.  So far the baby to do list is completely good and manageable, but combine that with my HUGE work to do list, plus holiday shopping to do list....that's when I need to figure out how to clone myself!

What I'm Looking Forward To? This weekend.  Mom is flying back into town with Larry!  And we're having Tim's families joint baby shower for his sister and I.  Her present arrived in the mail yesterday and is super cute!!!

Weekly Wisdom? Tell your husband you love him lots!!!!  He will really appreciate it coming from his wife who was momentarily taken over by pregnancy hormones and had morphed into a crazy lunatic!
Appointments? Regular monthly drs appointment at the end of the month.

Baby Size? Over 12 inches long and over a pound!


Nick and Kristi said...

I am so picky abt Maternity Clothes too:) I so wish that our Old Navy carried more items in store:(

Glad everything all is going well!!!

A Very Berry Blog said...

Such a cute blog! Happy I stumbled across it :)