Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mommyisms from the New Mommy

Ok, ok, so I know my last post said videos coming "tomorrow."  Well......

Mommyism #1 - your sense of time (or what you can accomplish in a period of time) gets skewed.  Today is my "tomorrow." Most days, by the time I get Will up and fed and changed and dressed.  Then I get myself "with it" then he needs fed and changed again, then I realize I need to eat breakfast but its already 1pm.  So I'm calling all Mommy's out do you get it all done in the timeframe you want?   Like today, I'm trying to be realistic - so my only goals are to do 1 load of laundry and give Baby Boy a bath....I think I'll be able to get those done today :)

Mommyism #2 - Piggybacking on #1, I now realize the beauty of staying in your pj's all day.  More comfy, gives you a couple more minutes in your day since you're not changing clothes, they will be spit up on shortly anyways.

Mommyism #3 - Bath time.  Those Johnson&Johnson commercials are liars!  For right now anyways :)  I've heard that when your little one is fussy and nothing seems to work, give him a bath.  All littles love baths.  Nope, not true, not yet anyways.  Here is the start of Will's first bath...
Poor guy is not a fan of being naked, and then you add in water and new parents, and he did not enjoy his first bath!

Mommyism #4 - Gotta document all the "firsts" you can!
1st time in bouncer (that's a yawn not a scream.  he loves his bouncer)
1st Snow ( you can see the 2-3 inches on the ledge of the deck through the window)
1st St Patricks Day (we went through 3 green onesies)

Mommyism #5 - You will get your body back, some parts slower than others though.  The swelling in your feet doesn't disappear as soon as you would think!  Finally after two weeks I have my own feet and boney ankles back!  I sure missed those!  But I've already lost over half of my pregnancy weight in just 2 1/2 weeks!  Yay!  Breastfeeding must be an amazing workout!

Well, my little man is calling my name....gotta go.

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