Thursday, April 21, 2011

Attack of the Visiting Sarah's

Yay!  My sister Sarah and my sister-in-law Sarah both visited last week!

Sarah D, my sister-in-law, was the first to visit.  She came in Monday night.  What is great about our house is that we are really close the main airport that most of our family uses, and that we have a guest room for them to stay in.  We LOVE having visitors!  And many come over early and stay a night or two before having to catch their flight out.  This was the first time Sarah met Will!
He thought she was pretty entertaining.  They hung out for awhile and played on his playmat.  They were in love with each other.

Then on Wednesday, Sarah R, my sister, flew into town.  She was my lifesaver and here to help me while Tim was out on conference in Philly.  I don't know if I could have made it without her.  She would watch Will while I caught up on sleep, depending on how Will did the night before.  She would help with diapers!  And play with him so I could get a shower in. 

Sarah was infatuated with Will.

We went and saw my work buddies on Thursday.  Sarah and I couldn't help laughing at my coworkers.  I swear they set a record on ooh's and aah's when we walked in.  Will was a huge hit!  Then that night we attended my small group.  It was great to show Sarah what we do since I've talked about them for years.  This was all enough to wear Will out!
He loved snuggling with Sarah.

He hated to see his Aunt Sarah go

I hated to see Sarah go!  But we sure love her!

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