Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Easter

Better late than never!

Our first Easter together as a family.

It was a day full of starting traditions, lots of fun, and even a couple tears.  I did what all moms do and stayed up late stuffing eggs full of jelly beans, and hiding them around the house.  I had already gotten Will's Easter basket earlier that week and I'm sure Tim was wondering what the packages of eggs and candy were for.  So after one of our middle-of-the-night feedings, I stayed up and played Easter bunny.  Even though I was so tired, I couldn't help but smile as I placed the eggs around the house. 

In the morning, Tim got up and saw all the eggs around and I said it was time to go hunting.  He was such a trooper!  I grabbed the camera and he grabbed Will.
Will got lots of goodies....but we got the best goodie of them all!
We also made our first trek back to church since Will's been born.  He was just about 2 months old and according to Doctor's orders was able to go into public.  He did great in the nursery and it was good to be back.  After church we enjoyed an Easter lunch since Tim had to fly to Canada before dinner.  It was tough to see him go on the holiday but he would be back in just a couple days. All in all, a good holiday.

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