Thursday, January 7, 2010

Attempt #22

Today is Day  1 of my new cycle.  Starting number 22, almost at that 2 years of trying mark but things don't seem as daunting as maybe a year ago.  Called the doctor, my usual day one procedure and waiting for them to pull my file and tell me what to do.  We maybe skipping right over January and waiting till February because of "scheduling conflicts".  Tim is out of town 16 days this month!  And for a whole week just about the time I would need him. 

I also need to go to the store and buy more ovulation sticks.  My expensive monitor is no match for 100mg of clomid, says the doc.  And should go get the cheap "smiley face ones".  They never seem to amaze me all the crazy things on my to do list!  It made me wonder how much money I've spent on our baby so far.  Everyone says kids are expensive...believe me I already know.  I don't think I'll actually tally the amount until I finally get a big fat positive one of these months.  A good friend once told me after they had their first baby that he only cost them something like $25!  They had good insurance and I think out of pocket was just one copay.  I remember thinking "This will be nice!  I have really good insurance too!"  Ha Ha!  In the future when I tally the cost of getting a positive pregnancy test, I'll also tally the money my insurance saved me. When I was doing my Lovenox injections it was $900 per month and I only paid $50!  My initial bloodwork bill came and it was over $600 and I only needed to cover $20!  Thank you BCBS of Illinois!  Illinois has made it mandatory for all their insurance plans to include infertility and since my company is headquartered in IL, I have BCBSIL instead of BCBSMO.  Yay!

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gigi1976 said...

I vote for tallying it, but keep it to yourself and when you have a major blow out with your teenager you can say something cost me $xxxxx...and now I am wishing I would have bought a vacation home instead ;)