Friday, January 8, 2010

Early Vacation Time

I'm lucky my day off this week was today and I could go into the doctor without using up a personal day.  I drove an hour down to the Central West End to their office.  Was in and out within 10 minutes and then drove an hour back home.  Got another ultrasound ( I would be interested to know how many ultrasounds normal pregnant women get because I'm thinking I'm up around the 3 kid mark already) but no one was there to read the films so they had me go home and wait for a phone call.  I have a large cyst on my right ovary.  Cysts tend to happen with larger doses of clomid because of the overstimulation.  Plus I didn't have a HCG hormone trigger shot my last two cycles to make sure the follicles were really mature.  The benefit of getting the trigger is that is would force all the mature and semi-mature follicles to ovulate and not stick around to turn into cysts.  Now that I do have cyst, its early vacation time from clomid and no IUI this cycle.  Yay no clomid and back to feeling normal!  Yay no bloating, hot flashes/night sweats, nausea, acne, and big hormone swings!!!

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