Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yes We Can!

I was so excited by this but everyone else may just think I'm crazy.  This past weekend Tim and I traveled back to Nebraska.  We were having lunch with my sister Sarah and her two kids (almost 5 year old Cesar and almost 1 year old Kasey).  During the lunch I suggested taking Kasey back to mom's with us so Sarah could have more fun at a surprise party she was going to after lunch.  Tim looked nervous but agreed.  Later in the lunch Cesar said he wanted to go with us too.  Two kids under 5 years old in a van for a 15 minute drive seemed doable...possibly nervewracking but doable.  Tim looks even more nervous but I could tell was thinking the same thing I was - "We're grown adults! 28 years old! Just two kids! How hard can this be, we can do this!"  Come to think of it, Sarah looked nervous too! 

It wasn't till almost the end of lunch that it dawned on me....we still had to go to Walmart!!!  And now with two kids!!!  Now I knew why Tim and Sarah looked so nervous...two newbies with two kids grocery shopping at Walmart on a Saturday!  Good thing we only needed a handful of items.  Kasey wasn't fussy even though he was sleepy, and Cesar stuck right with us.  I was so nervous he might wander off to be lost forever!  In the car Kasey fell right asleep and Cesar educated us on Ice Road Trucking.  It was GREAT and we did it!!!  We are grown adults!  28 years old and can handle two little ones!  It was one of the great accomplishments of the trip!

Now all you mom's out there....especially those with multiple kids....stop laughing so hard!

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gigi1976 said...

Way to go guys!!! Now I wonder if Aaron and Larissa were doubting all those times they left the kiddos with you ;) Just kidding I would have never doubted that you all were capable.