Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Bloodwork

Last week I had my hematologist order more bloodwork to check my homocysteine levels.  I have the MTHFR genetic marker that leads me to having a higher risk of blood clots.  At one point in my journey, they thought this may have been my infertility problem.  My hematologist recommended going off all the MTHFR meds (3 pills per day and a daily injection of blood thinner).  I did and we tested my blood right away.  5.2 was my level.  The only worry was that by just going off my meds, it didn't give my MTHFR time to back up my homocysteine level.  With the IVF coming up in a couple months I needed to make sure I wasn't prone to clots and end up with a higher risk of miscarriage.  End up paying all this money and going through all these procedures and miscarry.  I have a friend with MTHFR too and she miscarried multiple times.  Once when she was past 7 months!  So now over 4 months later, my levels have actually gone down!  3.7 and they get concerned with anything over 10.

So I should be really excited.  My levels are low.  But I don't know everything there is about MTHFR and research is still uncovering new things about it.  I'm planning on talking to my doctor to see what they think about this, but...  What if there's something else that we're missing.....  What if its not just the homocysteine levels....  What if I get pregnant and....

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Kris said...

and... the baby or babies are born perfect! I love you. Hang in there and remember I'm always here to listen.One of the hardest things about being a parent is wanting to fix it and you can't. I'll be praying, Love you, Mom