Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I heart schedules

I'm a planner.  I love to have dates, schedules, a map, the plan.  So it was awesome when the Drs office called to tell me what's next.

First we ordered the meds needed.  I have to go through a special Walgreens pharmacy out of Dallas.  At first I was wondering why a "special" pharmacy......this is why a special pharmacy.

My meds - and their pre-insurance costs

Follistim 2 vials - $1566 (and that's the discounted price)
Menapur 10 vials - $552
Lupron 2 kits - $198
Special strength prenatal vitamins - $37
Medrol - $23
Progesterone 2 vials - $70
Zpac - $34
HCG shot - $60
Grand Total = $2,540

Come on insurance!!!  In 48 hours, they'll be getting back with me on how much of that will really be out of pocket.

Tomorrow I start birth control pills.  And then the schedule starts rolling....

Tues, May 11 - Trial Embryo Transfer - They are going to do a mock transfer to make sure they use the right catheter, see if they need ultrasound guidance, etc.  Plus bloodwork.

Thur, May 13 - 5 hour IVF Orientation - Everything you did and didn't want to know about IVF

Sun, May 23 - Start Lupron injections

Wed, May 26 - Take last birth control pill

Wed, June 2 - Drs Appt for an ultrasound and bloodwork

Fri, June 4 - Start Stim injections

After that is just a whole lot of monitoring.  Yay for plans!  I know all you Type A people out there get this :)  That's all for now.  Stay tuned for how grateful I am for prescription coverage.....or how much I hate ExpressScripts. 

Not many nerves right now.  The only thing I'm nervous about is the side effects of the meds.  If you look them up, they range from headaches and bloating to blood clots and more serious stuff.  Multiple drugs say sudden increased weight gain may happen....good thing I'm doing P90X! 

Thanks to all for the kind words and prayers sent up for us!  We need them.  Especially in the upcoming weeks!

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Adventures in Baby Waiting said...

Looks like you got off easy price wise even if insurance doesn't cover it. My first cycle was about that, but the Dr. kept having me order more. This Dr. is much better but we spent about 4K. Unbelievable huh? It's nice to have a schedule, I know. More milestones!