Saturday, August 7, 2010

1st OB Appointment

Yesterday was the day.  The day I had been dreaming about for years, actually years.  Your first OB prenatal visit.  I didn't expect the path to get to this visit to be the one we walked, but finally getting there felt pretty good.

I was pretty nervous about meeting Dr.C.  I really wanted to like him, I'm tired of going from doctor to doctor, and he came highly recommended.  We started off kinda rocky but he had me smiling by the end.  We had a 1pm appointment and I'm usually early to everything, plus there's always a lot of first time paperwork to complete.  I find his office at 12:45pm and there is a handwritten (yes, handwritten!  I didn't know people did that anymore :)  ) on the locked door of the office.  Out to Lunch.  Be back at 1pm.  Their whole office shuts down!  They locked the door to get into the waiting room, not the door from the waiting room to the offices!  So here I am, standing in a long hallway and have to walk all the way back to the elevators to find a chair.  This was our rocky start.

So I waited by the elevators for Tim and for the clock to strike one before heading back down the hall.  It turns out that they have a small office, which I'm fine with, and not a lot of staff on Friday afternoons.  Fill out all the paperwork, which one was to be able to see my lab results online.....sweet!  The nurse did the usual weight (what I expected) and height (OMG I've shrunk another 1/2 inch!).  I don't know why my height irks me like it does.  I've just always thought of myself as tall and thought at one point I was around 5'7" or 8".  Then last year when I got measured at 5'6" I felt like "short" was tattooed across my forehead.  I'm usually in heels, maybe that's why I don't feel 5'6".  When the nurse said 5'5.5", Tim lost it!  Full on laugh out loud in the hallway!  Grrr.  Now he's been walking around calling me 5cubed. 

Went through my medical history with Dr.C.  It was nice to see that we were in a good spot, healthy, no bad vices, knew alot of the do's and don't's.  Then we had our ultrasound.  I had heard from multiple people that your first ultrasound is internal, so I was surprised when he suggested an external due to my frame.  Only my second external ultrasound to date!  Sure enough, we could see our little peanut.

At least to us, he/she has definitely grown and seems bigger.  It's a little hard to see but the head is on the right side and the lil feet are on the left side.  You could still see the flutter of the heartbeat.....which is still the coolest thing ever!  He left the ultrasound on the heartbeat for awhile which was nice to hear it.  A strong 150bpm.  At one point, Dr.C held the ultrasound in just one spot and you could actually see the baby move!!!  That was really cool!

So far so good!  We're headed back in a couple weeks to do another follow up.

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Nick and Kristi said...

Im glad you liked your OB...Im with you....Im just so sick of switching and seeing Dr's that it is nice when you find the right one on the first try:) Your little bean is def growing:) Take Care!!!