Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First OB Appt Questions???

Calling all those who have already been through this!  Help!

For everyone who knows me, I'm a planner.  Always have been and probably always will be.  I want to make sure I ask all the questions I need to at our first visit and not have to make follow up calls or wait weeks for the next appointment.  So I've got a running list of questions but its short and I feel like I'm missing important things that I just don't realize are important yet.

I've got....
-How many Doctors are in the practice?
-If you're not available to deliver who would I be seeing?
-Any travel restrictions?  Since most my family is out of state and I'll be in my 3rd trimester over the holidays.
-What does he know about MTHFR in case mine flares up?
-I've never done flu shots in the past and haven't gotten sick.  Do I really need to do it now?  If so, when so that it's in full effect at the right time?

What else should I add to the list???


Kris said...

-What can I take for heartburn, headaches, leg cramps, etc.?
-Can I still color my hair?
-What pregnancy books do you recommend I read?
-Do you recommend any certain childbirth classes?
-Do you routinely use interventions in labor or do you wait to see if they are needed?
-Can my partner and be with me throughout labor and delivery, including C-section if necessary?

Sharon Holbrooks said...

I found you from Infertility Oveachievers and now a follower of you!! Some other questions:
1. What medicines can I take?
2. What's your c-section rate? (20% is excellent)
3. What's your thoughts on episiomities vs stretching?(goes along with interventions)
4. If it's a boy, do you circumcise or does the pediatrician?