Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One Week Left!

Tim has been out of town for a couple days to a conference and so I am back to giving my Progesterone shots all on my own.  If you would have told me a year or two ago, that I would be ok and not bothered by stabbing a long metal needle into my leg, injecting thick oily fluid, waiting 5 secs to make sure its all in, and then pulling it out -- I would have told you THAT'S CRAZY!  I mean this is the girl that needs to focus on her breathing, be mentally prepared, and then still can't look as her blood is drawn.  But I've found that you do what you have to do.  Even if that means months and months of injections. 

Next week I'll be all done with the progesterone shots.  I think it will be a little sad.  It's been part of my morning routine for months now.  I wonder if I'll wander around trying to figure out what I'm forgetting to do.  I wonder if the Doc on Friday will find something else to make me inject and we'll just be swapping out meds instead.  That would be funny, but fine with me.  Whatever it takes.

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Kris said...

As a person who doesn't like needles, I admire the person you have become and your dedication to see things through, not only through your pregnancy but with everything you do. Your baby will have a very special story and know that it is loved. Love you more than you will ever know, Mom