Tuesday, September 14, 2010

15 weeks

How Far Along?  15 Weeks

Weight Gain?  7 lbs....that's normal right?  I keep flipping back and forth into my old life of thinking "OMG I'm fat"  to "OMG look at my cute belly hanging out"

Maternity Clothes?  Ordered some belly bands online and I can't wait for those to show up on my doorstep!  Otherwise I have my $8 pair of jeans and 3 dresses.  The rest is my normal wardrobe.

Symptoms?  Nope!!!

Sleep?  I'm not needing as much which is fabulous!  It's like I've gotten my life back with all those extra hours.

Food Cravings?  Gotta-have-it-or-die cravings = no.  But anything full of sugar is looking very enticing.

Best Moment of the Week?

Gender?  We're thinking boy.  When we talk at home we say him.  But of course we would be crazy about a lil' girl.

What I Miss?  Nothing!

What I'm Looking Forward to?  Feeling the little peanut move!!!

Weekly Wisdom?  Always check online before buying in the store.  In the store, one belly band is $17.  Online, a stay-at-home mom sells belly bands 3 for $15!

Milestones?  Set our appointment for the anatomy scan/ultrasound! October 4th we'll find out if peanut is a little boy or a little lady.

Emotions?  Less clingy :)

Appointments?  Next one we find out gender!!!!!!!

Baby Size?  About 4 inches and 2 1/2 ounces....the size of an apple.


Heather said...

Wow! I bet that is so exciting to watch your body changing! I am with you on shopping online, I usually find WAY better deals than in stores!

Nick and Kristi said...

Glad everything is going so well....I cant wait to hear what you are having too....All my other fellow prego bloggies are finding out so much fun:)))) Def if you need help finding craigs list finds Im up for the challenge...I just got a bunch of toys for 3-9 mo know that they wont get used for a while but they are bigger items that I dont want to pay full price on....I love a bargain:)))