Friday, September 3, 2010

Team Pink or Team Blue?

The big question lately has been boy or girl.  Most of my family has been calling girl.  Tim's work has been calling boy.  My work hasn't been calling anything (because they still don't know!)  Since I've got time on my hands, the 18-20 week mark is still a little ways off, I've set out on a mission.  I decided to entertain myself, and maybe you too, by going through all the old wives tales and see what the consensus is. 

Here we go....

Carrying high = Girl                                         Carrying low = Boy
Even though I'm not carrying much yet, I would say I'm carrying low.  My belly doesn't start pooching out until below my belly button.  So I'm going with low.  Mark one up for the boys.

Heartbeat 140 & higher = Girl                    Below 140 = Boy
Every ultrasound has been over 140.   Tally one for the girls.

Google says there is a Mayan predictor that takes the Mom's age at conception and the Year of conception.  I've heard of the Chinese calendar but not the Mayans.  Supposedly if both are even numbers or if both are odd numbers then Girl.  If one is even and one is odd then Boy.  I'm 29 years old, so that = Boy.

Chinese Calendar = Boy

Extreme nausea is to be a sign that it's a girl.  Since I had absolutely no morning sickness = Boy

Extreme breakouts also are a sign that it's a girl.  Geez, these little girls are hard on their mothers before we even know they're girls.  I had more breakouts than my norm, but Tim said it definitely wasn't extreme.   Chalk another one up for the Boys.

Craving sweets = Girl                                 Craving sour or salty = Boy
I love me some chips and salsa.  These pregnancy hormones haven't deterred that one little bit.   So salty it is........Boy.

There's a couple things Google brought up that may be too early to tell.  But let's give them a try anyways.  They predict based on my belly and my face.

Round & Full Face = Girl                           Long & Narrow Face = Boy
Survey says.................Boy.

Big & Round Belly = Girl                 Small & Straight Out Belly = Boy
Survey says.................Boy.

Having someone pick up a key.  If they pick it up on the narrow end = Girl.  If they pick the wider end = Boy.  Tim, not knowing what I was looking for, was my predictor.  He picked it up on the wide end...Boy.

If you place a ring or needle on a string and hold it over your belly, depending on the way it moves will determine girl or boy.  I placed Tim's wedding band on the end of a string.  I thought his ring would be better karma than just a plain old needle.  Thankfully Amanda was here, she's two weeks ahead of me.  We were trying to determine if it was going in a straight line or if it was moving in a circle a little bit. 
Line = Girl                            Circle = Boy
It looked like his ring was moving back and forth, but every once in awhile it would take a half turn.  So I had her try and then we learned what circles really looked like.  You would have thought it turned into a spinning top.
Amanda = Boy                      Me = Girl

Final Tally
Girl = 2                       Boy = 9

All said and done, I am truly excited to have a boy or a girl.

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Heather said...

I think its so funny all the different theories of how to find out what you are having! They must work half the time if people are still using them! I bet its fun imagining what it would be like to have a boy or girl, picking out clothes, decorating, etc. I'm excited for you guys and can't wait to hear what you are having!!