Sunday, September 26, 2010

Almost 17 weeks!!!


As you can see, my photographer again had "pointers".  Tim said the first one looked good but I needed more attitude.  So a struck a pose not knowing he already had the camera ready to snap it right away!!!  Then it was just too funny to delete.

How Far Along?  It will be 17 weeks on Tuesday!

Weight Gain?  9 sometimes 10 pounds

Maternity Clothes?  My pants are pretty much all maternity now and half of the tops I wear too.  They are sooooo much more comfortable than still trying to make my pre-pregnancy clothes fit.  Everyone just throw up a little prayer that all my cute heels still continue to fit throughout the rest of these 40 weeks. :)

Symptoms?  Sometimes I get congested.  Some mornings I blow my nose all morning long.  Supposedly your mucus production goes into overdrive when pregnant.  But no other symptoms....YAY!

Movement?  None that I can feel yet.  A few of my friends who are less than a couple weeks ahead of me are already feeling movements and little kicks.  I'm so very excited for them but now it has me constantly thinking about movements.  Even though my head says they are ahead of me, my heart wants to feel something now.  I can't wait for the little peanut to kick me like crazy and keep me up all hours of the night!  In some ways the little one is already keeping me up at night.  In the past week or two, I've had three dreams that I could feel the baby kick.  In one, he or she was doing somersaults on my left side over and over and over.  It was so cute, you could feel the bump of the head and then two little feet over and over....or at least what I think it would feel like to have them doing somersaults.  In another dream, he or she was punching like crazy on my right side.  You would have thought it was boxing time!  I had Tim feel my side and everything.  In the morning I had to double check that I was dreaming.  Tim looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if he was for sure I didn't wake him up in the middle of the night to feel my belly.

Sleep?  Back to regular people's bedtime!  I can still sleep on my back if needed (see mucus production above) or my sides.  Being a stomach sleeper is now out of the question since my uterus has decided to be large and in charge.

Food Cravings?  Just random stuff at random times.  Nothing that is a craving so bad that I "have to have it now or die."  Chips and salsa one day, orange candy slices the next.

Best Moment of the Week?  I got the magazine American Baby in the mail!  It was super cute and had lots of good info.  It came with my name on it and everything...maybe I have a secret admirer.

Gender?  It seems that everyone I know is having boys right now.  Will we go with the flow or buck the trend???  We'll see next Monday.

What I Miss?  With the cool, fall weather rolling in, apple cider scented candles wafting around the house, the chili and football weekends - it leads me to think of another fall favorite - St. Wenceslaus wine.  It's more like an adult apple cider than wine and has been a mainstay of my falls and winters for years.  My dear friend, I will miss you.  Even though nothing truly compares to everything we've gone through to get here and as wonderful as this pregnancy has been - I will be waiting for you next year!

What I'm Looking Forward to?  Next Monday's ultrasound!!!!!!!!  I'm so ready to find out if we're having a little girl or boy!  It will be so exciting!

Weekly Wisdom?  I need to keep more snacks in my purse.  Who knows when traffic is going to be crazy or the quick Walmart run becomes not-so-quick. 

Appointments?  October 4th!!!  We're so excited!

Baby Size?  About 5 inches and 5 ounces....the size of an avocado.  Sounds tiny, and really is tiny, but try putting a ruler to your belly and seeing the 5 inches.  It was definitely bigger than I thought!


Nick and Kristi said...

Girlie you look AMAZING!!!! Im 18wks and still havent felt Baby Hakes yet but because I see him often kicking away on us I know he is moving...So maybe this week will be our week:) I cant wait to hear what you are having...So exciting:) Take Care!!!!

Oh P.s. Thanks so much for all your supportive and thoughtful comments:)

Heather said...

You are looking great!!! I can't wait to hear what you are having! I am thinking girl if there are lots of people with boys...but you never know!

Moe said...

Aww that picture's too cute. You look so great! I can't wait to hear if you're having a boy or girl. I'm leaning toward girl as my guess. :)

Tammy said...

Love the baby bump pics!!!! I'm so excited to find out what you're having! And I was thinking the same thing about wine. I will certainly miss it this fall and over the holidays but it can wait. :)