Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back from Hiatus

Whew!  Time has flown by!  It flies by every day, month, year and yet I'm still not used to that.  The holidays are almost over (our last Christmas celebration is this weekend) and New Years is in two days!  I'm going to really try to keep everyone up to date on what's going on in the Wolf household by blogging more.  If I can't keep it up now with the craziness of work, travel, holidays, and errands - then there's no hope of keeping it up when you add peanut into the mix.  And lil' peanut is scheduled to rock our world in just 10 weeks!  70 days!

So here's our latest update...and our 100th post!

How Far Along?  30 Weeks!  Crazy!  It doesn't seem like we're this far along already.  This is our last week where we can say we have "double digits" left.  After this, it's 9 weeks, 8 weeks, etc and that sounds so much closer!

Weight Gain?  Weight is on track..."great" according to Dr. C.  Still no stretch marks!!!

Maternity Clothes?  100%

Symptoms?  Still stuffy, I blow my nose multiple times a day.  I can tell my face is a little fuller but no puffiness or bloating with my feet or hands.  So it's really nice I can still wear my heels to work and wear my wedding ring.  I am waking more during the night, not sure why.  I'm not running to the bathroom more than once or twice a night.  For example, tonight I was so exhausted I'm surprised I could walk myself to bed at 9:30pm.  But up at 3am and wasn't ever able to fall back asleep (should make for an interesting day)

Movement?  Yes!  You can tell Peanut is getting bigger because I don't feel as many jabs or sudden movements out of nowhere.  Instead it's like he's stretching and trying to make more room.  Still big movements, but not fast and quick.  He is waging war with my right side of ribs.  Everyday for the past week he has tried to move them out of his way.  Yesterday, he tried so hard it made me wince and gasp.  I had someone in my office at work at the time and he looked alarmed and asked if everything was ok.  I just had to laugh, "someone thinks I should have a few less ribs than what I do"

Sleep?  I love sleep, so I always wish I could get some more.  But I'm fine with my sleep patterns right now.  In a couple months, I'll have to adjust to a different sleep schedule anyways.  I find it comforting that this is my new that weird?

Food Cravings?  Still sweets.  Cookies, ice cream, etc.  But I've always had a sweet tooth.

Best Moment of the Week?  Hmmmm....too many to choose from.

What I Miss?  Tim, myself, and the boys were in Nebraska visiting my family over Christmas. We had to come back on Sunday.  I miss my family.

What I'm Looking Forward To?  Life calming down after the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  Then Tim and I can finish the nursery.  Things have completely stalled since November.  We are starting to pick the pace back up though.  With all the SIDS research, we're putting a fan in the nursery.  Tim got it up the day after it was delivered...
View imagejpeg...jpg in slide show
I ordered a rocker/glider at BRU yesterday but am having reservations about it.  Here is what has been ordered...Newco Jayden Upholstered Recliner - Chocolate Chenille - NEW Corp  - Babies"R"Us

This is what I was wanting...
 Newco Sunny Swivel Reclining Glider - Beige Micro Suede - NEW Corp  - Babies"R"Us

Both are rockers/gliders that recline, which was big for us.  Plus they look as if we'll be able to use them after the nursery too.  The difference, the cream one swivels and is cream.  I'm worried the chocolate colored one will make the nursery too dark.  But with my coupon, I couldn't justify cream and swivel for an additional $150.  Maybe I should just rethink how to paint the nursery and lighten the room up that way?

Weekly Wisdom?  Pregnancy doesn't make you wise every week :)

Appointments?  Another check up in 2 more weeks

Baby Size?  Around 16 inches long and about 3 pounds!


Heather said...

Yay for 30 weeks!! I love the recliner and that's awesome you had a coupon.

Kris said...

We miss you too! I wish you could of stayed longer. I love the chair, the swivel feature would be nice but I think the brown would be easier to keep clean. Both will look fine in the nursery. Love you both.

Anonymous said...

Love both gliders but baby spit up is usually white (or orange depending on how much carrots they ate that day:) So I think you should spend the extra $150 to camoflauge the stains and be able to keep it looking nice longer...not that you asked for opinions! Congrats on week 30!
Katie Ragsdale

Nick and Kristi said...

Glad your back and that things are going great...We now need a Picture update:)

Happy New Year:)