Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hematology Appointment

Two out of three doctors agree, there was no reason for me to be on baby aspirin and lovenox shots prior to pregnancy and may not be necessary after becoming pregnant either.  Those two doctors also showed multiple research findings to support their answer, while the third didn't.  Great!  That was a fun experience to say I have now done.  Sounds like I'm heading in the right direction now though.  

I can't believe that the same findings can be handled so differently by different doctors.  Tim's more used to this, he knows that doctors make decisions based on research findings.  I think that's my Dr. Ahlering's treatment path was so frustrating for him.  All the pills and shots with just a basic explaination but no supporting evidence.  I've now had two different doctors show research.  MTHFR is the gene that helps homocysteine convert into amino acids, if it doesn't convert it properly there is a backup of homocysteine.  Research has shown arterial walls getting inflamed when the body has increased homocysteine, but the research doesn't show that the increased levels caused it.  Just correlated, not caused.  Research also showed that inflamed arterial walls was more common than blood clots.  So narrowing of my arteries, maybe, but still no clots.  Gotta love medicine.

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