Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Last Six Months

June 12, 2009 - This was the soonest we could get our appointment.  Had our first consultation and loved the office.  From the nurses to the doctor, they all understood that this was so frustrating.  We're both in our 20's, young, healthy with no initial tests showing any issues.  They understood that this process was so much harder emotionally than physically.  They ran additional blood tests and discovered I have MTHFR ( and PAI-1. 

This discovery started my journey on my little science experiment.  I had to start taking a prescription level prenatal vitamin, a baby aspirin, a prescription strength folic acid pill, another prescription strength folic acid and B vitamin pill each day.  Plus I had to do daily injections of the blood anticoagulant (thinner) Lovenox.  I felt like a human pin cushion and petri dish all in one.  =)

July 6th, 2009- I started a new cycle.  They had me take 25mg of clomid to make more eggs to have more luck.  This thins your uterine lining though, so I also started estrogen patches.  I got two internal ultrasounds done to monitor my progress and showed my lining did thin and got an extra shot of estrogen.  I wasn't ovulating and so I got a trigger shot of the HCG hormone to make sure I ovulated.  We wanted to try to make a baby the way "everyone" makes babies, so no IUI this time.  Got more bloodwork done to test progesterone.  Got a extra shot of progesterone, but levels came back normal.  August 5th, 2009 I started my new cycle.

Did another round of clomid, hormones, and ultrasounds.  Did an IUI on August 20 & 21.  Started my new cycle on September 4th, did another round of clomid, hormones, and ultrasounds.  Ovulated while on vacation in Washington DC, so no IUI.  Started my new cycle on October 5th.  Did another round of clomid, hormones, and ultrasounds.  Did an IUI on October 20 & 21.   Thoughout this whole time, Tim had been very cautious of everything they had me doing.  I had to throw myself into it mentally otherwise there's no way I could get up each morning and stab a needle into my belly.  Or take multiple pills a day, when I used to complain about my on vitamin a day.  So we scheduled an appointment with  a Reproductive Endocrinologist for November 5th.  RE's are OB's with years of specialized training and certifications in infertility.  All their job is to get me pregnant, then my OB takes it from there.  On November 5th, I started a new about timing.

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