Sunday, November 15, 2009

Let's Start at the Very Beginning

Tim and I have been wanting to have kids for a long time.  Thankfully our siblings started before us and helped us delay our baby bug.  First we waited til Tim graduated from WashU and got his first job.  We thought that's when we would start trying, but then we got the crazy idea to be responsible.  Living for years on just one income, left a lot to be desired on the savings account.  So we decided to wait one more year so that we could build some savings.  That brings us to April 2008 and we decided it was finally time.

I was on all kinds of websites researching when was the right time of month, then waiting.  Of course, I'm still not very patient and would take an at-home pregnancy test at the earliest time possible and it would come back negative.  But then my mind would play tricks on me....maybe I tested too soon and the result wasn't accurate...let's test again.  Still negative.  For the first six months of trying I probably went through 14 tests!   Don't laugh =)  It happened.

Six months in, I called my OB and asked if it was too soon to come in.  The nurse said to come in and we could do some testing.  I scheduled an appointment and came in.  I spoke with my OB for awhile, let her know how the six months had gone.  There we no red flags on anything wrong and she said my insurance won't cover testing until 12 months of trying.  So we were sent home and I was determined to find out on my own.   I took some at home tests, bought an Ovulation Monitor, and Tim even did some tests.  Looking back...only the monitor was money well spent. 

One frustrating year of trying later, my OB started running tests.  Tim got tested and showed him in the normal ranges, but the low side of norm.  I got blood drawn and hormone levels came normal.  I had an internal ultrasound and showed that I was producing follicles (which produces eggs).  My ovulation monitor showed that I was ovulating normally.  My OB wasn't very understanding and wanted us to keep trying what we had been doing.  They thought anything else was "too aggressive".  I convinced them to do an IUI (artificial insemination).  They didn't do any monitoring or drug assistance or anything.  So of course, it didn't work.  I got my period on Mother's Day and decided to go to an OBGYN that specializes in infertility.  My coworker has infertility issues and referred us to them.

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