Tuesday, October 5, 2010

IT'S A......


Hi Mom and Dad!

Yesterday was so much excitement all in one.  I couldn't sleep much the night before because I was so anxious.  My anxiety was constantly flipping between excited to find out, and scared to see since I hadn't felt him move yet.  Those bad thoughts just have a way of creeping in...its awful.  Got up early and Tim and I drove separately to the appointment since we both had to go to work afterwards.  Good thing was that they got us into our ultrasound first thing!  We started looking at all of our big baby.  He was a moving and a shaking.  Arms moving from his head to his feet, playing with his feet.  Legs kicking all over.  I'm now thinking that not being able to feel him yet might be a blessing.  He makes me think that once I do feel him, it'll be like a war going on in my belly!

Everything measured perfectly on track for our March 8th due date.  Heartbeat was nice and strong.  After we were done with the ultrasound, it took awhile for the Doc to come in.  Turns out he had to discuss things with the ultrasound tech.  This was the first ultrasound where they were able to detect an amniotic band.  Still unsure what to think  of that yet.  Does anyone have any experiences with this???  Or know someone?  Because the internet of course shows you all the worst case scenarios.  It could be very severe or it could be not-a-big-deal.  Dr. C recommended and is scheduling us to go to a specialist to get a more detailed ultrasound and their "specialist" opinion.  I'm trying not to think about it too much until after we meet with the specialists, since there is nothing I can do right now.  On the positive side, we get another ultrasound in a couple weeks to see our little guy again!  And it seems that we just can not get away from specialists :)

After our appointment when we were talking out by our cars before leaving I gave Tim his surprise gift.  I had been using my lunch hours all week to search for the perfect little boy and little girl picture frame for him to display this ultrasound in his office.  So I grabbed the little boy frame out of my hiding spot and he was shocked.  He kept saying that he's a guy and didn't know that we were supposed to do this kind of exchange thing.  He was so cute.

On my way to work I made a few calls and got it set up that my mom and sister would both hear the news by baby boy balloons being delivered to their work from their newest nephew and grandson.  Shortly after I get to work, I received a delivery of my own...
Tim sent me baby boy flowers!  They are sooo cute and the Kewpie doll keep me smiling all day at work!

All night I was thinking of our little boy.  It's going to be so much fun.  Tim and I are both into sports, so we'll be able to share baseball, football, hockey, etc with him.  He will have a lot of little boy cousins to play and rough house with!  Holidays are going to be crazy in a few years when all these new babies are up and mobile!  I won't have to change my "I'm home" saying....I can still come in the door and ask "How are my boys doing?"  I'm so excited.

Now onto creating the registry!


Aly said...

YAY!!! Congrats! Boys are so much fun.

Heather said...

How wonderful! He will be SO loved! Congrats!

Moe said...

YAY!!! Congratulations!!!!! Little boys are so wonderful :)

Nick and Kristi said...

OMG!!! Welcome to the Club....So many people are having little Boys I cant believe it:)

On a side note our house will be all boys....my dog...cat....hubby...and now this baby inside of me....Bring on the Testosterone:)