Sunday, February 27, 2011

Picture Update!

Here I am...almost 39 weeks along!
Man oh man, do I look tired!

Our nursery is all together and just waiting for Baby Boy to make his debut!

His crib with all the bedding done.  Changing table filled with diapers and ready to go.

The dresser is all filled and the diaper bag sitting on the floor ready to go.

Clothes are all washed and hung and ready to go.
I have my Plan A and Plan B for Will's coming home outfits.
Plan A is the "Worth the Wait" onesie.  I love it to death and sums up our whole experience!  But the smallest size it comes in is 3-6 months.  Granted, Will is tracking to be a chubby baby, but I don't think he'll be that big!  So Plan B is his personalized onesie with a little sweater in 0-3 month size.  It has a matching hat too!

We're pretty much all ready to go.  Laundry is all caught up.  House is still clean.  I got a mani/pedi since I can't reach my own feet very easy!  Now I just need to get the car seat inspected and my hospital bag packed.  Then we'll be 100% ready.

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