Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm 36 weeks...but he's not!

Yesterday we had our 36 week Dr's appointment!  The first of our now weekly appointments.  It's crazy to think that we are that far along.  I remember all my friends who would get to this point in their pregnancy and it seemed so far away for us, almost impossible at times.  Crazy that your body was doing so much that you had to see a doctor weekly.  But we're finally here.

Overall the appointment went great.  I am not a fan of sitting and waiting for 45 minutes for it to get started though!  Especially when its a 9:15am appointment and he hasn't even had time to get behind yet or start late due to a delivery!  Anywho...the highlight of the appointment was obviously the ultrasound.  We haven't seen our "little" guy in FOUR MONTHS!  Let me tell you, he looks lots different now!  Before you could see his whole body with space to spare in the ultrasound screen.  Now you can see his face and shoulders in the screen and that's it.  And his little face looks like he's got chubby cheeks...I'll post the ultrasound pics soon.

Will must not be a fan of ultrasounds because as soon as it started he got very squirmy.  Started kicking my ribs and making his presence known.  First the doc measured his head and that looked big to me but measured right on track at 36 weeks.  Then we saw his heartbeat.  His whole heart is a lot bigger now and you could actually see all four chambers of his heart.  That was so amazing!!!  Next up to be measured was his abdomen...it's measuring at 38 weeks!  Yikes, two weeks ahead.  We all had a laugh when I realized that calculation but I was glad it was his belly and not his head that was trending ahead of schedule.  Finally he measured his leg.  This was definitely the most entertaining part for me.  Will was still kicking up a storm and so it took the doc a little bit to be able to catch the leg in a still shot to measure it.  It was so cute seeing his legs and feet and toes flash all over the screen.  When he was finally able to measure it, he took two measurements to make sure he was close.  One was 39 weeks and the other was 41 weeks!!!  OMG!  Who is the crazy tall person in our genetics that I don't know about???  Even averaging them at 40 weeks (a whole month ahead!) is a lot.  We just laughed and I repeated my previous comment.  I would much rather have him come out tall, then his head be measuring a month ahead!  Now I also know why I get kicked so high up in my ribs, his poor legs are scrunched.

Once all those calculations are in, the ultrasound machine can give us its prediction for Will's weight.  Now Tim was a big baby, almost 10 pounds.  So my goal has been to have a baby under that mark...and we'll be close.  Will is currently estimated at 7 or 7 1/2 pounds.  Whew, that's a "healthy" boy!  I have friends that didn't even deliver that big of a baby!  And I have a whole month left to go!  Doc said he's thinking he'll be around 8 1/2 pounds at birth, but that's him being conservative too.  We shall see.  I'm still praying for anything under 10 pounds, and his head to not jump ahead on the growth curve.  And even though he's trending ahead of the growth schedule, does not mean he's going to come ahead of schedule.  I'm still feeling really good, so that's alright with me.....for now. :)

Will has also moved into the head-down position and "dropped."  When that happened I'm not entirely sure.  I've been reading about when the baby drops and how uncomfortable and almost painful it is.  I was not looking forward to that!  I had noticed that my trips to the bathroom had jumped up significantly, but I didn't feel like I was carrying him any different or that there was any excess pressure either.  So I'm kind of relieved that he's already dropped and this is what that feels like.  I think I can handle this for another month. 


Nick and Kristi said...

Wow girlie...that is a big baby:) So sweet you got see little will after so long..I cant even imagine cosidering I see Baby Hakes weekly during my biophysical profile.....Just wait until his head is engaged then you will feel a differance in your pelvis...When I first dropped I didnt feel much different but now that he is so low cant even see his cute little face much....I feel just increased pressure when standing....going to bathroom more often....and then a little bit of waddling which I hate but no pain:)

H said...

That's awesome you got to see all the changes in Will on the ultrasound! I'm glad he is healthy and I hope you don't have to deliver a 10 pound baby, but if you do, I'm sure you can do it!