Wednesday, February 23, 2011

38 Weeks and Counting!

How Far Along?  38 short weeks and 2 long weeks to go

Weight Gain? I'm keeping myself honest because there isn't going to be another time where I'm going to gain this amount.  Plus, the pounds aren't going to stay around either :)  Up a total of 45 lbs.

Stretch Marks?  Knock on wood...none yet.  Surprising as big as my belly is getting!

Maternity Clothes?  95% are maternity.  I've still got my yoga pants and a few tops that were initially designed to be baggy, but still look cute as a maternity top.  I did have to go and get bigger bras this week.  :) Maybe that's where my 45lbs are going :)

Symptoms?  Some swelling in feet and hands.  Still congested and blowing my nose more than ever in my life.  Sleep and me are not being best friends right now.  And I'm super hot, all the time.  A couple weeks ago, it was in the teens outside (bitter cold) and I was perfect in my short sleeve, short dress.  Crazy!

Movement?  He's still in there and kicking.  I can tell he's smushed and that he doesn't like it.  At some points, his elbows and knees are flying and the poor lil guy must be frustrated.

Sleep?  I have some good nights and some awful nights.  For example, two night ago I went to sleep at 9:30pm and woke at midnight.  I never did get back to sleep!  Good nights are when I can go 3 hrs inbetween bathroom trips!

Best Moment of the Week?  Will caught Tim off guard and made him jump!  Usually, I'll let Tim know when he's kicking and he'll try to feel my belly.  But Will's favorite game with his Daddy is Hide & Go Seek!  So Tim wasn't paying attention and had kept his hand on my belly after Will stopped moving.  A while later Will decided it was time to act out again and kicked really hard.  Tim's hand jumped off my belly and Tim jumped and was so surprised since he never gets to feel the first kicks.

What I Miss?  Right now, my appetite.  Nothing sounds good to me right now.

What I'm Looking Forward To?  Contractions!  I can't wait for him to come and meet us!

Doctors Appointments?  Yesterday we had our weekly meeting.  No progress since last week.  Still 1cm dilated.  He told us to start thinking for what we want to do for when we (most likely) go over our due date.  So that'll be a fun conversation at the Drs office next Tuesday!


H said...

Come on Will, time to come out and meet the world! (Lol) I hope he comes soon and you have a safe and wonderful delivery! Don't worry about the weight gain, you are doing a great job! That's awesome you don't have stress marks either! Wow!

Nick and Kristi said...

Almost there:)

Kris said...

Post more pictures of yourself. You were pretty little when we last saw you. It will make it seem more real for us in the bug-eater state. Ha, Ha, Love the three of you!