Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Famous 35 & 35

How Far Along?  35 weeks down and 35 days left to go

Weight Gain?  Up 38 pounds.  Better questions - Stretch Marks?  NO!!!  Ha Ha, take that.  Innie or Outie?  Definitely an outie, it's kinda fun.

Maternity Clothes?  For awhile I was thinking that I was wearing completely 100% maternity clothes, but then realized during the week that I'm still wearing some of my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I still wear a couple tops that still fit and cover my whole belly.  I'm still wearing my yoga pants and pajama pants that fit me 38 pounds ago. 

Symptoms?  So far I've had just a few "pregnancy symptoms" but nothing bad or signalling going into labor early.  I've had a little swelling.  Tim still swears he can't see it, but my rings don't fit.  My fingers don't look chubby, just can't keep my size 5 rings on anymore.  I've had the 3rd trimester insomnia.  Even though my belly is getting bigger, its not from being uncomfortable - just wake up wide eyed for about 3 hours.  I've had an itty bit of heartburn.  If I wait too long inbetween meals, I get just a smidge of it.  Just enough to be annoying, but not unbearable.  So I've been really lucky as far as the nightmare that some symptoms could have made these 9 months.

Movement?  He's still moving and grooving in there.  I can tell the poor guy is running out of room though.  He's not able to make big sweeping movements anymore, but he can still pack a punch!

Sleep?  I'm not getting as many hours in a night due to the insomnia, but I'm still fully functional during the day.  So maybe I don't need as many right now?  Still having multiple bathroom trips, but I usually can fall back asleep pretty easy.  So far so good on this front....because I hear the 3rd trimester can be pretty awful in this category.

Best Moment of the Week?  Well, I'm still going to saying discovering the Cubs mobile.  A great friend gave us the heads up that one was placed on E.bay.  Tim, who was still flying on his buyers high from us trying to finish off our registry items, tried to win the auction.  Thankfully, I think, we were outbid at $255!!!   How crazy is that?!?!  I was kind of disappointed that we still didn't have our mobile that started it all, but also kind of glad that we didn't purchase an insanely expensive mobile.  A day later, the seller on E.bay posted another mobile.  So I'm not sure if the seller had multiples, or if the original buyer didn't want to spend $255 on a mobile either.  That auction has days left on it, so we'll see how the story ends this time. 

What I Miss?  Having enough space in my abdomen for my ribs, lungs, stomach, etc.  I feel like I look goofy when I'm sitting because I'm trying to create an extra inch or two for the little guy.

What I'm Looking Forward To?  Our next ultrasound is at our Drs appointment next Monday.  We haven't seen him since October 4th.  I'm so excited to check in on him and make sure he's doing ok.

How Big is Baby?  Over 5 pounds according to our weekly emails.  But we'll find out for sure on Monday.


Kellyanne said...

we're getting so close! I thought the last 4 weeks were going to take forever, and yet here I am counting down DAYS!

Amber said...

Woo hoo! Home stretch!

H said...

Hopefully the mobile on E-bay won't sell for as high and you guys can snag it! Yay for 35 weeks!

Nick and Kristi said...

Oh you are so lucky that you are feeling horrible...It hit me this past weekend...I am officially huge...have a constant scapula pain to the point last night I about started crying...Which is so not me...but no matter what I did I didnt feel better...heat, massage, laying on the floor to stretch, and I even resorted to Tylenol...but no luck....I know I shouldnt complain but Ive officially hit that point where Im over being pregnant

H said...

By the way, I nominated you for an award on my blog! I really appreciate your comments on my blog, it has helped me so much! Thank you!