Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So So Grateful

I am just so incredibly grateful to everyone.  This past weekend, being able to tell everyone made it seem real.  It hadn't really sunken in until we got to say it out loud over and over.  Thank you for helping it sink in.  I'm so grateful that we have this support system out there.  Our path hasn't been the easiest one but we wouldn't trade it either.  It's made relationships stronger, opened our eyes to new things, and we've been able to come out the other side still standing.

I know this pregnancy isn't going to be your average one.  I mean, who tells people they're pregnant at 4 weeks!  But we had so many people rooting for us, praying and praying and praying for us.  We knew, either way it turned out, that we would need your support.  And for that, we thank you.  Thank you for all the texts and emails and comments posted here.  Thank you for all the screaming and clapping and tears.  Thank you for all the old prayers and now for the new ones.  Thank you for all the new advice to take it slow and soak it in, and thank you for your offer to get us onion rings any time.  Thank you for all the support!  It really means the world to us.


Nick and Kristi said...

Big Congrats! My name is Kristi I just started following your blog...It is good to have all the prayers and support in the early stages of pregnancy...prayer is powerful:) Best wishes Kristi

Heather said...

Hey, I am so excited for you! Please keep posting updates throughout your pregnancy. I've been following your blog a couple weeks now and its helped me not feel so alone in this journey. Its so important to have support!!!

Anonymous said...

Angie-We love you guys and are glad that we've been a part of your journey. Here's to a HH9M!!!