Friday, October 8, 2010

Best Present Ever!

Yesterday my pregnancy pillow came.  Tim had asked me a couple days ago if I had a certain one in mind, and honestly I hadn't even thought about it yet.  I was thinking my belly isn't big enough to call for one yet, I've got a king size pillow in addition to my normal one, so I thought I was good.  Wrong!  Everyone should have a pregnancy pillow!!!  Even if you're not pregnant!

ps- I forgot to mention last post that towards the end of our ultrasound, our lil man got the hiccups!  Talk about the cutest thing!  I did feel a little bad for the poor guy, seeing his little body shake.  I swear I could see the look on his face....what the heck is going on???

pps- Our ultrasound at our specialist is scheduled for October 19th.  Prayers that the amniotic band is nothing to worry about.


Nick and Kristi said...

I love my Prego Pillow!!!! and it was so funny because my little brother who is 16 seen it on my couch one day and was laying on it and told my mom he really wanted this pillow that he used at my house....I told my mom it was my prego pillow but he still really wants one...So Funny:)

Heather said...

ILl be praying for you with your appt next week...Glad to hear your pillow is so comfy!