Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halfway There!!

How Far Along?  20 weeks

Weight Gain?  16 pounds!!!  So much for trying to stay on track for the recommended 25-35lbs. Ha!

Maternity Clothes?  My maternity clothes are mostly work clothes, but I am still needing to shop for more since regular clothes + belly band are not nearly as comfortable.

Symptoms?  Still congested but I'm also starting to tear up at certain commercials or tv shows.

Movement?  YES!!!  Finally!  It started around the time I went to Chicago for my last conference.  It was so soft and sporadic that it was hard to know for sure.  But it just kept happening :)  Then last night was the first time Tim was able to feel him.  It was amazing!

Sleep?  Still pretty good, I'm only getting up once a night to head towards the bathroom.  I toss and turn a bit but nothing bad.

Food Cravings?  Desserts and sweets.  I broke Tim down last time we were grocery shopping and we got ice cream, toaster strudels (which are like pure sugar!), gummi snacks, candy coated pretzels, supplies for cake.  But now after stepping on the scale, I need these foods out of the house asap :)

Best Moment of the Week?  It's a tie between seeing the look on Tim's face last night when he felt baby boy move.  His face just lit up.  And our specialist appointment on Tuesday when they said our band was in fact scar tissue and completely benign!  Those few words sounded amazing after two hours of ultrasound techs and specialist taking a million pictures!

Gender?  Tuesday's ultrasound marathon confirmed again that he's still our baby boy!  Tim and I are super excited!!!!!  It helps too when we see things around the house that scream baby boy....thanks to my mom.  Little William has already started getting mail and Tim gets so excited he opens it and starts assembling!  We now have the cutest Cubs lamp, step stool, and toy box ever!!!

What I Miss?  Anything I miss, I miss for just a second.  Then I know deep in my heart and soul that I would give those things up forever to be right here in the moment that I am now.

What I'm Looking Forward To?  On Sunday we ordered our nursery furniture!!!  It was so unexpected since we were going to wait until after the holidays but we had gotten coupons, they had a sale, and we were able to get free shipping!  Hopefully it will be here in time for baby shower #1.  Tim's sister, Amanda, and I are due less than two weeks apart so his family suggested a joint family shower.  I just got the invitation last night and it's uber cute!

Weekly Wisdom?  Embrace the anxiety because it will always be there, just changing forms. 
For two weeks since our last ultrasound, Tim and I were a ball of nerves because of all the horrible things a "band" could do to our little boy.  Then two days leading up to the ultrasound, our lil peanut decided to take a break from moving and kicking.  That sent my mind into all kinds of dark scenarios.  But I believed we would be ok, no matter what the specialists said.  I'm still not able to fully embrace the anxiety at every moment, but I'm trying.  Because it will return before our next Drs appointment in two weeks, then before he's born, then after he's born we'll worry about sids or learning development, then we'll worry about him driving and dating, etc.  So embrace the anxiety.

Appointments?  Regular monthly drs appointment in two weeks

Baby Size? 13 ounces according to the ultrasound!!!!  We're thinking no newborn sized clothes for us :)


Heather said...

I am so glad everything went well at your appointment! I was praying that everything would be ok! I think that's funny you are craving sweets because I have to have some type during my prep at school! The new Almond Joy candies are AMAZING if you like coconut.

Anonymous said...

Glad all is well Angie. I was wondering how your indepth u/s went-God is good! hope to see you guys soon!

Nick and Kristi said...

Glad to hear your appt went well...Such a relief...Just wish there wasnt things to worry about but that is life right:(

Anyways you are looking good...I jumped on the scale today and jumped right back off in shock...I gained 4lb in a week...YIKEs...So at 22wks Im now at 17lb...Hopes its just extra blood flow but I did have a few slice of pumpkin pie this week...Its my FAV:)

Im loving all your nursery items...your little boy will def be a sports star...Take care and have a great week!!!