Thursday, October 14, 2010


So I realized that last post I slipped out our baby name without giving it any fanfare.  I don't really know if names need fanfare, but it did just sneakily slip out.  So far we haven't been keeping or able to keep anything secret with this little one.  I mean, seriously, when you're going through IVF your days are mapped out to the letter.  So people know everything.  Which was completely fine with us.  We needed all the prayers we could get, and when "the day" would come, we would know that our family and friends were praying for us on that exact day.  It was very comforting.  With IVF I could tell you probably close to the hour our little egg was fertilized, tell you the day it was transferred back to me, tell you the day it implanted, etc.  At one point I thought it odd that I knew all these dates, but now I think it's kind of special.  I mean how many people really know the exact moment a miracle happened?  So that process wasn't secret.  We didn't keep secret if it was a boy or girl, and we're not keeping secret the name.  Mainly because Tim and I are bad at secrets, and a little because I've always envisioned personalized blankies, etc.  :)

But back to the secret.  Tim and I had it picked out for a long time.  We wanted our baby to have a name that meant something, that had a story.  Our little boy will be named after a couple great men in Tims family, his dad and grandfather.  I hear stories of his grandfather and he seemed like an amazing man, I wish I could have known him.  I hadn't found or read a boys name that I had fallen in love with until Tim mentioned this one.....and then I just knew it was the right one.  It means will and desire.......very fitting for our little boy.....William George.

Yup, no secrets here.

Except for the nursery....Tim has me on lock down on exactly how we're going to decorate it.  We've got it all decided and its going to be uber cute but all I'm allowed to say is that it will be a Chicago Cubs baseball themed nursery.  That's it.  We'll see how long this "secret" really lasts :)


Nick and Kristi said...

Very nice name....and I cant wait to see pics of the nursery:) Ha Ha

Moe said...

I love how you chose the name - and the nursery sounds awesome!!!! :) I can't wait to see a picture when it isn't a secret anymore.