Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hopeful and Fun and Scary

Things are slowly starting to turn real.  It's hopeful and fun and scary all in one.  For a long time I would think of all the what-if's and it was fun to plan.  What if it's a girl?  What if it's a boy?  What if it's born in the spring or fall?  Daycare or in home care?  Names?  Nursery ideas?  Now we're getting to answer some of those what-if's.

We've talked to some of our great friends and have some really good recommendations for pediatricians and daycare options.  I don't know what we would do without friends that we truly trust their opinions.  I love seeking their advice.  They are great parents!  We now have a pediatrician on our list to go and interview.  I'm already liking their office since they can get you in pretty much immediately.  That's a huge bonus.  Plus they're only 2 minutes away from the house!  We've got a glowing recommendation for an in-home place and a daycare to check out too.  Tim and I were initially leaning towards daycare for the structure and early child development/curriculum aspects but after hearing about this in-home provider...we may have found the best of both worlds.  Smaller environment plus all the learning activities.  Even though it was just a conversation (and some great apple pie) Tim and I really appreciated having friends to lean on for decisions like these.  Thanks you L!

This past weekend, we got a good chunk of our registry done.  Thank goodness!!!  For some reason that task seemed huge and so daunting.  Tim and I had another friend of ours help walk us through the aisles so we wouldn't go crazier than crazy.  Even though I'm sure she didn't think it was a big thing.....she was a lifesaver!  A few things I knew exactly what would work best for us, others I would just look at her completely lost.  She's the perfect registry partner, gives her opinion but also explains the thinking behind it.  There were tons of things I wouldn't have even thought of.  She made it super easy....I mean we made it through 2 hours of up and down the aisles and now yelling, kicking, or screaming.  Now just one more store to register at and we'll be all done!  Thank you K!

Those tasks make our little boy seem real.  No more planning for the what-ifs that may not have ever came to reality.  No more planning for a fake reality.  No more planning about some pretty future to keep me from crying about the stark reality of some of our days.  Now we're planning for William....our William.  And it's hopeful and fun and scary all in one.


Heather said...

What a great time in your lives! Sounds like all the details are coming together for William's arrival! I love the name by the way!

Nick and Kristi said...

I will agree with you it is very fun and scary at the same time:) To think its a matter of months before we will be holding our little boys!!!

My sister and I went to register at one of the stores this week...and boy was it a stressful but fun process...there are so many choices and I did a ton of reading on Babies R Us reviews before going....My hubs would def not have made it through this process I am so anal and he would be like that looks good just get it...So I commend your hubs for going:)

Cant wait to see how your nursery and names in the near future:)))

katie ragsdale said...

Love the name William! Love it! We are so happy for you both. Best time of our lives was what you are experiencing and about to experience. Congratulations again!