Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nursery Update

Now that the holidays are over, we are going full force on the nursery.  I say we, but really Tim has gotten a lot of it done.  He's working on all the artwork for the room.  He's painting the different Cubs logo's and familiar icons by hand!  So far, he's got 6 of the 9 paintings done and they look fabulous!

Between now and this weekend I need to decide on the paint samples we gathered last weekend.  Then just tape the room and Tim said he'll paint it this Sunday.  Yay!  My plan is to get the baby blanket going while Tim's painting the bedroom.  So by the end of the weekend, Will's room will look lots different!  I'm so excited to see the room come together!

We would have the rocker/glider ready for the room but there was a problem after we got it home from the store.  It fit in the car no problem.  Got it home and took it out of the box, and then saw it had been damaged in manufacturing!  Looked like someone dragged it across the floor before putting it in the shipping box.  A whole side had been worn through to the threads.  We called BRU and they ordered us another one.  As soon as it gets in, we'll be able to swap them out. 

Wish us luck on our plans!  Hopefully our childbirth class on Saturday won't wipe us out too much.  We're doing the all day course instead of the 4-5 week course.  I don't really know what to expect but I'm praying it doesn't freak me out too much.  So far, I'm all good with this "being pregnant" stuff....I'm all good with the "baby boy in my arms"'s the actual delivery that's kind of scary.  Too bad we can't just skip over that part :)


Nick and Kristi said...

Love the paintings...Those are so good..Perfect:)

We did the one day course and Im glad we was alot of info but I feel ti went pretty fast...I will say I was pretty tired after it though so hopefully you will have more energy than me.

Cant wait to see the nursery tranformation!!!

H said...

Those pictures are amazing! He did such a great job! I hope your class goes well!