Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On the Lookout

Our nursery is pretty much all done.  We got the glider/recliner in this week!  Already broke it in with a good nap.  Found cute blue and cream striped curtains...will post pics soon.  Once we get the actual crib mattress in, we'll be just about all set and ready for Baby Will to come home.


... the one thing that started this nursery idea in motion is missing.  The mobile.  3-4 years ago (yes, it really has been that long!) I came across Mascotopia.  It's a company that makes different baby items in Mascot themes.  You can get college football, pro football, and even baseball themed items ranging from building blocks to....crib mobiles.  I saw this one and fell in LOVE!

It has little cubbie bears!  Pennant flags!  And even plays Take Me Out to The Ballgame!  Part of me three years ago screamed to secretly buy this and stash it in a closet so no one would know that I bought a mobile and wasn't even pregnant.  Another part of me thought it would jinx me.  Then after month after month of negative pregnancy test sticks, I really didn't want a jinx.

Fastforward to now.....this mobile is nowhere to be found!  The stores that carried it here in St. Louis don't keep it in stock.  Ama.zon and Go.ogle and Eb.ay don't have any listed.  They list other teams mobiles, but not the Cubs.  My family has gotten us a back up mobile ( and definitely one we'll use during football season) a Nebraska Huskers one.  It has little Herbie Huskers and plays the fight song and is adorable.  But I would still LOVE to have the Cubs one to go in our Cubs nursery.  So I'm calling out for help.  If anyone comes across one online, in a store in their town, even a gently used one...please let me know.  I would love to get it, buy it from you, or anything! Please keep your eyes out!  I would love you forever if you see one of these elusive mobiles out and about!


H said...

Ill keep my eyes and ears open for you! I think the Huskers one sounds cute since all my family is in Omaha! They would go crazy for that! I hope you find a Cubs one though!

Nick and Kristi said...

Oh my gosh I just spent the last 30min trying to search for you...even tried Craigslist and nothing....This is crazy....Amazon did pull it up but said out of stock and not sure when it is available but other than that Nothing:(

P.s. Yep up last night cause I couldnt sleep...this is becoming a nightly thing def 3rd trimester

Browniris said...

I love your nursery picks...GL finding the mobile; I haven't ever seen anything like that.

Serendipity said...

have you contacted the company direct? maybe they can help?

I'm not much help over her ein Australia but it's very cute! I hope you find it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Bidding Angie-hope you get it so your nursery can be complete (even if it is cubs)

The Wolf's said...

THANKS LARISSA!!! You're the best!!! It's a true friend, who is a Cardinals fan and can still give me the heads up on a Cubs mobile!