Friday, January 7, 2011

The Wedding Ring is Off...

and it's so sad.  This week it had to come off.  One day it just started hurting my finger so badly I knew it couldn't stay on another minute.  It took minutes under cold water and lots of soap to slip it off.  I was hoping this wasn't going to happen to me.  It's sad knowing that my fingers are swelling, but in another way I kinda like it.  It's part of my journey, a part that a lot of other women experience during pregnancy.  I'm normal. 

I'm normal...but still my stubborn self.  So far this week I had worn to work my 2 inch heeled boots or my 1 1/2 inch heels, aka my "flats."  But today I went stubborn.  I needed to wear my "real" heels.  Even though they were a little snug (dang it, my feet are getting a lil bigger now too) I vowed to wear them all day at work.  And I did!!!  Yay for 3+ inch heels!!!  Take that swelling body!


Nick and Kristi said...

Oh man...I would feel so naked without my rings...So far Ives been able to leave them on:)

Funny you mention swelling....I didnt know how to take this comment my the other day as a compliment or what....He said you look good....Youve gained the proper weight....Your face still looks normal not puffy or swollen like most pregnant women...Your hands, feet, and legs look good...Not huge and swollen but normal....As he is saying this stuff I was thinking surely if I did have these issues he wouldnt sit and point them all out to me because if he did that I think I wouul Deck Him!

heartincharge said...

3+ inches? All day! Look at you!
Be careful in those sexy shoes with no wedding rings. You may be hit on left and right ;)