Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Half a Dozen

I've been putting off this blog post since Tim and I were half joking that he should do it.  Before the retrieval, the nurse kept joking that I'll forget a lot of stuff and I'll ask questions multiple times.  Then throughout the day Tim kept asking if I remembered stuff....and I would but I just needed my memory to be jogged first.  The good and bad of anesthesia is that I was groggy most of the day and took some glorious naps.  But it's now almost 4am and I've been up since 2am desperately trying to fall back asleep.  I gave up and thought I would give it a whirl on remembering everything.

They wanted us there at 6:45am, so that meant waking up at 5:30am.  Me and 5:30 have never been the best of friends.  Usually I would snuggle up to a cup of coffee and everything would be better but I had been cut off of food and fluids since midnight.  I figured that there's no need in both of us being miserable, so I did grant Tim the ok to get coffee for himself.  (Plus the Cards did score more than 6 runs last night - for all you out-of-towners that means 25 cent coffee the next day)

We show up at 6:45am on the dot...I was a little excited.  They greeted me by name and took us back.  It's really nice when your doctors office has their own surgical unit too.  It was a really nice set up.  After they went through all the disclosures and got the IV in, Tim kissed me bye and I went into the operating room.  I felt the telltale cold in the IV and was probably out seconds later.  Thank goodness too!  The whole egg retrieval process is what freaked me out in the first place, but not being awake for any part of it made it a lot more doable.

I come to in my room by the nicest nurse anesthetist ever, thanks Pam!  I'm still really groggy, dozing in and out. About 15 minutes later, Tim comes in.  They got all 6!  I had my 5 that were doing really really well and then a straggler that I didn't think would make it.  But it did!  Gotta love the underdog!  The lab suggested we do full ICSI, instead of the partial that we had planned for due to things that they had seen in our samples.  They're the experts, so full ICSI it is.   Vivian, the nurse, then covered all my discharge info and gave me my progesterone shot for the day.  I must have still been groggy because I also agreed to be a drawing canvas for Tim.  Vivian had asked if he felt comfortable on where to be giving the shot and I could tell by the look on his face that he would have liked a clearer picture.  She nicely suggested that since she had a surgical drawing pen, she could circle the spots for my shots.  You could see that he thought that would be ideal, so now I have two big circles above my butt that are in surgical pen, so they'll be there for a few days.  Why??? Because of anesthesia and a hubby who obviously was looking for some entertainment :)

We got breakfast on the way home and then I proceeded to nap for most of the day.  When I wasn't napping, we were catching up on the shows on our DVR.  I believe this all accumulated to why I am now awake in the wee morning hours.  Oh well.  Good thing is that there has been minimal pain.  I wouldn't really say it's pain, but more like just being uncomfortable.  We'll see how tomorrow feels.

Tomorrow they'll call with the "fertilization report."  We gave them Tim's number since I'll be at work and probably unable to take the call privately.  Plus then I won't freak out at my new job over the results (good or bad) but I will have to wait till after 6pm to find out when I get home.

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Adventures in Baby Waiting said...

6 is SUPER! Congrats! Can't wait for your fert report!