Sunday, June 6, 2010

I don't wanna wear the sweater.....

I'm hot!!!!  That is the quote I have been hearing from my hubby for the last week or so.  He's a big fan of Family Guy and the Mr. Rogers episode was supposedly a really good one. 

Hot flashes are wicked!  For all those that know me, know that I am always freezing.  It could be 80+ degrees and I would be happy in jeans and long sleeves.  But with these meds, the hot flashes are crazy.  Tim finds it humorous because now I know what "he feels like all the time."  They were coming mostly at night but I've been getting some during the day now too.  To just be sitting still and feel it coming.....rolling up my jeans....then rolling up my sleeves, and still the sweat starts dripping......its just crazy.

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