Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yesterday & Tomorrow

Yesterday I had Ultrasound#16!  How crazy is that?!?!  I thought I was becoming a pro at these things and then the ultrasound tech did something I didn't expect.....I got a 3-D ultrasound.  That was kinda cool.  Seeing your uterine lining in 3-D is something I did not expect to have done.  Everything looked good though.  All nice and resting and peaceful.

Tomorrow I lower my dose of Lupron to 10 units and then start taking 225 of Follistim.  My last two shots have bruised, so my belly is about to get a lot more colorful by adding another shot to the mix.  Tim and I also take our antibiotics tomorrow too.  It'll be a busy day :)

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Adventures in Baby Waiting said...

Follistim was my favorite shot. The needle is so tiny you barely feel it and it means your stimulating those follies! Grow follies grow!