Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time is Flying By.....No Seriously!

Oh my's Thursday!  This week has flown by, which I did not expect by the way.  Usually the two week wait is painfully counting the minutes as they trudge by.  But thanks to my new job, it's already Thursday!  My commute is just 15 minutes longer, so that helps pass the days.  I've been using that time to catch up with people on the phone.  I'm still really liking my new job, its super busy right now but in a good way.  I still can't believe it's Thursday!

This weekend should fly by too.  We've got a birthday party to go to for our nephew.  Then celebrate our anniversary on Sunday night, even though our anniversary falls on Monday.  Seven years married as of next week!!!!  How did I get so lucky?!?!!  Every morning I get to wake up next to the sweetest, most sensitive guy I know.  He can always make me laugh and has been a true partner.  I love him more than anyone will ever know!

We can't celebrate our anniversary on Monday because I will be in Kansas City for more training for my work.  Monday through Wednesday.  Hopefully they want to join me out for dinner otherwise those nights may tick by slow.  I get to drive out there which I'm grateful for.  It would take about the same amount of time or more for me to drive to the airport, park, get through security, fly, and rent a car than it would to just drive straight there.

I come back Wednesday night, Thursday morning I think I'm going to POAS so I'm not surprised with Friday's Beta results.  Still trying to decide on how to share the news, good or bad.  I don't want some of my family who is far away to find out via a blog post so I may be absent a little bit next weekend....we'll see.

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