Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lists and Making Room

Lists....I like lists. I like to have things orderly. So here it goes....

June 4th - Day 1 of Stims - E2 = 25
                        - lupron 10, follistim 250
June 7th - Day 4 of Stims - E2 = 51
                        - lupron 10, follistim 150, menopur 150
June 9th - Day 6 of Stims - E2 = 234
                       - lupron 10, follistim 150, menopur 150
June 11th - Day 8 of Stims - E2 = ???

I know that all cases are different, others are using different meds, have different fertility issues, but I still can't help but compare. The nurse said today that they want it to keep doubling, so my numbers look really good. I'm always so nervous because this is what we've always heard. " You're responding to the meds really well, your ultrasound looks really good, this is a beautiful cycle" but nothing ever comes of it. So we'll see.

I am running out of room though. They say its best to spread out your shots and not inject them all in the same location. But when you're doing three shots a night, I need more room. Then tonight, I used up my first Follistim vial and needed to open the second one - so that was another shot. Then my menopur decided to act up tonight. I injected it just like every other night, but when I pulled out the needle I started bleeding, noticed blood in the syringe, then below the skin under the injection site was hard knot. Not fun, freaked me out. I don't think that would have freaked me out normally, but I think the hormones have started to make me a little crazy. Called the afterhours line, to have the Doc tell me that it'll be alright.
Other than that, so far so good. Migraines have slowed, stomach issues are less, still having hot flashes. More news coming on Friday when I go in for my E2 check and an ultrasound to see how many follies I'm cooking.

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